Iqos Heets Dubai Fair

Iqos Heets Dubai Fair : Unveiling the Power of Revolutionary Heat-not-Burn Devices

Iqos Heets Dubai Fair is a popular event in Dubai where customers can explore and purchase a range of Iqos Heets products. Dubai, the vibrant city known for its luxury and innovation, hosts the Iqos Heets Dubai Fair, an event that offers a unique opportunity for customers to discover and buy a wide array of Iqos Heets products.

As the demand for alternative smoking solutions continues to grow, this event attracts both locals and tourists who are interested in exploring the world of Iqos Heets and experiencing its cutting-edge technology. With a range of flavors and options available, the Iqos Heets Dubai Fair provides a platform for individuals to stay up to date with the latest developments in heat-not-burn technology and enjoy a customized smoking experience.

Iqos Fair In Dubai Uae

Discover the latest Iqos Heets Dubai Fair in UAE for an exceptional vaping experience. Experience the innovative technology of Iqos and explore a wide range of flavors at the fair.


Dubai is known for its vibrant and diverse marketplaces, catering to the preferences and tastes of people from all walks of life. When it comes to the world of tobacco alternatives, IQOS has gained significant popularity among smokers. Hosting an IQOS fair in Dubai, UAE, allows enthusiasts and potential customers to explore the latest innovations and learn more about this revolutionary heat-not-burn technology.

Let’s dive into the details and discover what makes the IQOS fair in Dubai, UAE, a must-visit event for tobacco enthusiasts.

What To Expect At The Iqos Fair

At the IQOS fair in Dubai, UAE, attendees can immerse themselves in a world of cutting-edge technology and extraordinary experiences. Here’s what you can expect when you visit the fair:

  • Product Showcase: Get an up-close look at the diverse range of IQOS devices and accessories, including the latest models and limited editions. Explore the sleek designs and innovative features that make IQOS stand out in the market.
  • Expert Guidance: Friendly representatives and IQOS experts will be present at the fair to answer all your queries and provide personalized guidance. Whether you’re a seasoned IQOS user or new to heat-not-burn technology, you’ll find valuable insights and tips to enhance your IQOS experience.
  • Interactive Demos: Experience IQOS innovation firsthand through interactive demos. Discover the unique heating technology that sets IQOS apart and learn how it works to deliver a satisfying tobacco experience without the smoke and ash associated with traditional cigarettes.
  • Savoring Flavors: Indulge your senses by exploring the wide range of HEETS flavors available. Take this opportunity to sample different variants and find the one that suits your individual taste preferences. From classic tobacco to menthol and fruity blends, there’s a flavor for every palate.
  • Exclusive Offers: The IQOS fair in Dubai, UAE, often presents exclusive offers and promotions that you won’t find elsewhere. Take advantage of these limited-time deals to elevate your IQOS journey without breaking the bank.

Join The Iqos Community

Attending the IQOS fair in Dubai UAE presents a chance to join a thriving community of like-minded individuals who appreciate the benefits of heat-not-burn technology. By participating in the fair, you’ll connect with fellow IQOS enthusiasts, share experiences, and become a part of a growing movement towards a smoke-free future.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore IQOS innovations, interact with experts, and enjoy the unique tobacco experience it offers. Plan your visit to the IQOS fair in Dubai UAE and discover a new way to savor tobacco without compromise.

Iqos Heets Dubai Fair  : Unveiling the Power of Revolutionary Heat-not-Burn Devices

Frequently Asked Questions On Iqos Heets Dubai Fair

How Much Do Heets Cost In Dubai?

HEETS prices in Dubai vary depending on the type and quantity of the products. For accurate and up-to-date pricing information, it is recommended to check with the local retailers or online stores in Dubai.

Can You Buy Heets in Dubai?

Yes, you can buy HEETS in Dubai.

Are Iqos allowed In Dubai?

Yes, IQOS is allowed in Dubai.

How Much Is Iqos Device In Dubai?

The price of an IQOS device in Dubai varies and depends on the specific model and any additional accessories. It is recommended to visit authorized retailers or check online for the most up-to-date pricing information.


To summarize, the IQOS Heets Dubai Fair offers a remarkable opportunity for tobacco enthusiasts in Dubai. With its innovative technology and wide range of flavors, IQOS Heets has become a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes. Whether you’re a smoker looking for a healthier option or simply curious to try something new, this event allows you to explore and experience the benefits IQOS Heets has to offer.

Visit the Dubai Fair to discover a truly satisfying and enjoyable smoking experience.


IQOS Heets vs Cigarettes Uncovering the Better Option

IQOS Heets vs Cigarettes: Uncovering the Better Option

Smoking IQOS Heets vs Cigarettes: Which is Better?

If you’re a smoker looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes, you may have come across IQOS Heets. But how do they compare? In this blog, we’ll delve into the debate between IQOS Heets and cigarettes to help you make an informed decision.

We’ll explore the market for heated tobacco products, examine the claims made by IQOS, and analyze the health effects. Additionally, we’ll discuss the study conducted on IQOS Heets and dive into other risk factors associated with smoking. Whether you’re considering switching to IQOS Heets or trying to quit smoking altogether, this blog will provide valuable insights and guidance.

Is IQOS Heets Better Than Cigarettes?

IQOS Heets are seen as a potentially less harmful option compared to regular cigarettes. They work by heating tobacco instead of burning it, which reduces the release of harmful chemicals. However, it’s crucial to understand that using IQOS Heets is not without risk and may still have health implications. The choice between IQOS Heets and cigarettes depends on personal preferences and objectives related to tobacco use.

Samuel CJ Kim

IQOS Heets, a tobacco heating system, offers a unique approach to smoking without burning tobacco, resulting in the production of vapor rather than smoke. This innovative alternative has gained attention as a potentially less harmful option compared to traditional cigarettes.

Unlike cigarettes, which burn tobacco and release smoke containing harmful chemicals, IQOS Heets are designed to have lower levels of tar and fewer harmful chemicals. Many individuals report that IQOS Heets provide a comparable smoking experience, while others still prefer the familiar taste and sensation of traditional cigarettes. Ultimately, the choice between IQOS Heets and cigarettes is subjective and depends on personal preferences and individual health considerations.

Theodore C Friedman

IQOS Heets, a heated tobacco product, offers a potentially reduced risk compared to traditional cigarettes. By heating rather than burning tobacco, IQOS Heets produce vapor instead of smoke, resulting in fewer harmful chemicals and lower levels of toxicants.

However, it’s essential to understand that IQOS Heets still contain nicotine and are not entirely risk-free. Ultimately, the decision to choose between IQOS Heets and cigarettes depends on personal preference and individual health concerns. Quitting smoking altogether is the best way to improve overall health outcomes.


Smoking IQOS Heets versus traditional cigarettes is a popular topic of discussion. IQOS Heets, a tobacco heating system, offers a vapor-producing alternative to traditional cigarettes. In contrast, cigarettes burn tobacco, releasing harmful chemicals and toxins.

Studies have shown that IQOS Heets produce fewer harmful chemicals and lower levels of tar compared to cigarettes. Smokers may find IQOS Heets to be a potentially less harmful option, but it’s important to note that these products still contain nicotine and are not completely risk-free. The choice between IQOS Heets and cigarettes depends on personal preference and individual health concerns.

The market for Heated Tobacco Products

The market for heated tobacco products, including IQOS Heets, is witnessing a surge in popularity as an alternative to conventional cigarettes in the United States and around the world. This trend is evident in the increasing number of smokers turning to heated tobacco products instead of traditional cigarettes. IQOS Heets, a heat-not-burn tobacco product, offers smokers a way to satisfy their nicotine cravings without the combustion and harmful chemicals associated with tobacco smoke.

With the rise of vaping and e-cigarettes, the emergence of heated tobacco products like IQOS Heets presents another option for smokers looking to find a less harmful way to indulge in their nicotine addiction. Despite the ongoing debate surrounding the long-term health effects of heated tobacco products, the market for these alternatives continues to grow, with companies like Philip Morris International heavily investing in the development and marketing of their heated tobacco products.

iQOS Claims

IQOS, a heated tobacco product, claims to produce fewer harmful chemicals than conventional cigarettes. It offers a similar smoking experience without the typical smoke and ash. While the potential health risks of IQOS are still under discussion, quitting smoking altogether is often recommended for overall well-being. When considering the choice between IQOS and cigarettes, personal preferences and goals play a crucial role. It’s important to note that this new tobacco product has gained attention in the market, with the FDA closely monitoring its use.

Public Health Implications

The public health implications related to the use of IQOS Heets and cigarettes are currently under intense scrutiny and ongoing research. IQOS Heets, a heated tobacco product, claims to be a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes by eliminating the combustion process.

In this heat-not-burn approach, the tobacco is heated instead of burned, resulting in reduced levels of harmful chemicals and toxins. However, the long-term health effects of using IQOS are still being studied and debated, and it remains a subject of caution.

The discussion around IQOS Heets and cigarettes has caught the attention of public health organizations, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. The FDA is closely monitoring the market for heated tobacco products to ensure that they are not marketed or sold to young people as an alternative to smoking. Additionally, there are concerns about the potential appeal of heated tobacco products, like IQOS, to non-smokers and young adults, which could contribute to nicotine addiction and initiation into tobacco use.

Table 1.

Table 1:

Smoking IQOS Heets vs. Traditional Cigarettes

Composition: IQOS Heets contain tobacco, heated instead of burned like cigarettes, reducing harmful chemicals. Traditional cigarettes involve combustion, releasing toxins and carcinogens.

Nicotine delivery: IQOS Heets deliver nicotine through aerosol, potentially less harmful than cigarette smoke.

Health risks: While both carry risks due to nicotine addiction, IQOS Heets are believed to be less harmful without combustion chemicals.

Secondhand smoke: IQOS Heets produce less secondhand smoke than cigarettes.

Availability and regulation: IQOS Heets’ availability and regulation vary by region, unlike widely available and regulated traditional cigarettes.

Table 2.

IQOS Heets: A Safer Alternative to Traditional Cigarettes

IQOS Heets, a heated tobacco product, offers a promising alternative to traditional cigarettes. Unlike regular cigarettes, which burn tobacco and release smoke into the lungs, IQOS Heets heat the tobacco without combustion. This innovative heating process reduces the levels of harmful chemicals, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds, making IQOS Heets potentially less harmful for smokers.

An important distinction between IQOS Heets and traditional cigarettes is the nicotine delivery system. While both contain nicotine, IQOS Heets deliver it through aerosol, which is potentially less harmful than the smoke from burning cigarettes. This means that smokers can still satisfy their nicotine cravings without exposing themselves to the harmful effects of cigarette smoke.

Furthermore, IQOS Heets produce significantly less secondhand smoke compared to traditional cigarettes, making them a more considerate choice for those around you. Additionally, the availability and regulation of IQOS Heets may vary by country or region, unlike traditional cigarettes, which are widely available.

In conclusion, IQOS Heets offer a promising alternative to traditional cigarettes. With their innovative heating technology and reduced levels of harmful chemicals, they provide smokers with a potentially less harmful option.

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Not Cigarettes but also not Vaping

IQOS Heets offer a smoke-free alternative to traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes, known for their harmful effects. Unlike vaping, they heat tobacco rather than burning it, minimizing the production of toxins and carcinogens. As a heated tobacco product, IQOS Heets provide a similar smoking experience without the lingering odor and second-hand smoke associated with tobacco cigarettes.

While studies support the idea that IQOS Heets are potentially less harmful than traditional cigarettes, it’s crucial to approach them with caution. By considering the risks associated with both smoking and vaping, adults can make informed decisions about their tobacco use.

Quitting May Be Harder, Too

Quitting smoking can be a challenge, whether you smoke traditional cigarettes or IQOS Heets. While research suggests that IQOS Heets emit fewer harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes, it is essential to note that quitting smoking altogether is still the best option for overall health.

It is crucial to remember that any form of smoking, be it traditional cigarettes or heated tobacco products like IQOS Heets, can have negative health effects and increase the risk of respiratory issues such as COPD. Quitting smoking, regardless of the method, can be a tough journey that often requires support and resources.

Marketing Questioned

The marketing tactics employed by IQOS Heets and cigarette companies raise important questions regarding the health risks, taste, experiences, and potential impact on public health. It is crucial to compare the health risks associated with smoking IQOS Heets and traditional cigarettes and consider their potential influence on public health.

Additionally, examining the differences in taste and experience between IQOS Heets and cigarettes can provide valuable insights into consumer preferences. Evaluating the marketing strategies used by both IQOS Heets and cigarette companies is important to understand their effectiveness and potential impact on tobacco use. Furthermore, exploring personal experiences or testimonials from individuals who have tried both products can provide valuable perspectives on the efficacy and influence of these marketing tactics.

How we reviewed this article:

In reviewing this article, we took into account the comparisons between IQOS Heets and traditional cigarettes. We explored their effects on public health, taste, and experience, and the marketing strategies employed. It is crucial to note that while IQOS Heets emit fewer harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes, the long-term health effects remain uncertain. The marketing of IQOS Heets as a potentially safer option has faced scrutiny in certain countries. Therefore, it is vital for consumers to make informed choices based on credible scientific research and regulatory guidelines when contemplating the use of any tobacco product.

Light Smoking Is Still Smoking

Despite assertions that IQOS Heets represent a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, it is crucial to recognize that engaging in light smoking is still considered smoking. Both IQOS Heets and cigarettes are tobacco products that contain nicotine and other detrimental chemicals, thereby posing significant health risks. These risks encompass the development of lung cancer, heart disease, and respiratory ailments.

Migrating to IQOS Heets alone may not automatically result in quitting smoking entirely. While IQOS Heets function by heating tobacco rather than combusting it, they still generate an aerosol that encompasses noxious substances and harmful components. Hence, it is imperative to prioritize the complete cessation of smoking rather than relying on substitutes that still yield adverse health consequences. Seeking guidance from healthcare professionals or participating in smoking cessation programs substantially enhances the likelihood of successfully overcoming nicotine addiction.

Quitting for Good

Transitioning from smoking cigarettes to using IQOS Heets as an alternative can be a positive step towards quitting smoking altogether and improving your health. While traditional cigarettes present serious health risks, IQOS Heets offer potential benefits due to their different composition and heating method.

By understanding how IQOS Heets work and the differences between them and traditional cigarettes, individuals can make informed decisions about their smoking habits. Hearing personal experiences and testimonials from those who have successfully quit smoking using IQOS Heets can provide inspiration and motivation for others looking to quit. Seeking support from healthcare professionals or smoking cessation programs can greatly increase the chances of successfully quitting smoking and improving overall health.

The Study by the Numbers

A comparative analysis was conducted to assess the impact of smoking IQOS Heets versus traditional cigarettes on health. Extensive health evaluations were performed on individuals who consumed both products, with a focus on lung function and blood pressure. The findings revealed that IQOS Heets exhibited a relatively lower negative influence on lung function in comparison to conventional cigarettes. However, it is crucial to note that both options had adverse effects on blood pressure and other health markers. Therefore, while IQOS Heets may present a slightly safer alternative to smoking, they are not entirely devoid of health risks.

Other Risk Factors

Smoking, whether it is traditional cigarettes or IQOS Heets, poses various risks to your health. Both of these tobacco industry products contain harmful chemicals and toxins that can have detrimental effects on your well-being. While IQOS Heets produce fewer harmful byproducts compared to cigarettes, they are not completely safe.

It’s important to note that IQOS Heets may still pose health risks and can lead to nicotine addiction. Quitting smoking altogether is the best option for reducing the health risks associated with tobacco use.

What You Can Do

When evaluating the disparities between IQOS Heets and traditional cigarettes, it’s vital to consider various factors. Firstly, gain a thorough understanding of the distinctive heating process and reduced harm claims linked to IQOS Heets. Secondly, take into account personal preferences and health objectives when deciding between the two options. Consulting with healthcare professionals or industry experts can provide valuable guidance for making an informed choice. Ultimately, prioritizing overall health and well-being highlights the importance of quitting smoking entirely.

Health Effects

IQOS Heets, a heated tobacco product, provide an alternative to traditional cigarettes. These heated tobacco products, also known as heat-not-burn products, are considered a potentially less harmful option for smokers compared to traditional cigarettes. While smoking IQOS Heets may still have some health risks, they are generally considered less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes, which contain thousands of toxic chemicals, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds.

Switching to IQOS Heets can be a potentially safer choice for smokers who are unable or unwilling to quit smoking completely. However, it is essential to exercise caution and understand that even though IQOS Heets produce fewer harmful constituents compared to regular cigarettes, they still contain addictive nicotine and other harmful chemicals.


In conclusion, while IQOS Heets may be marketed as a better alternative to cigarettes, it is important to remember that any form of smoking is harmful to your health. The study presented in this blog highlights the potential risks and health effects associated with heated tobacco products.

Quitting smoking altogether is the best option for improving your overall health and reducing the risk of serious diseases. If you are ready to quit smoking, consult a healthcare professional or join a support program for assistance. Your health matters, so take the necessary steps toward a smoke-free life. For more information on the risks of smoking and how to quit for good, explore our comprehensive guide on smoking cessation methods and resources.

What is IQOS Philip Morris

What is IQOS Philip Morris

What is IQOS Philip Morris

IQOS is a e-cigarette like device that has enabled millions of smoker around the globe to choose something better for their bodies. Wondering what is IQOS Philip Morris? well you are about to find out. Read ahead!

Philip Morris International (PMI) is one of the most well-known cigarette firms in the world. The American firm, which is headquartered in New York City and traded on the New York Stock Exchange. With a workforce of 71,000 people, they have several offices around the globe. IQOS is one of their recent most top tier invention that has revolutionized the cigarettes for better.

According to the tobacco giant, by opting for their IQOS devices, millions of people are now choosing to leave smoking and choose IQOS. This device, the IQOS is not a harmful nicotine smoking via, rather it’s a device that vaporizes the nicotine for an easier intake and less harmful ingestion. A literal cigarette requires burning of the nicotine which has proven to be more harmful for the human vitals than the ingestion of nicotine vapor.


About IQOS

IQOS stands for I Quit Ordinary Smoking, which is a creative way of describing the product. Its an e-cigarette like device which lets people smoke in a less hazardous way. To use it you will be needing ‘Heat Sticks’, these are nicotine filled pouches to be inserted into the IQOS device. After insertion the device heats up the nicotine of the heat sticks and keeps it below the combustion point and vaporizes the nicotine for the user. This gives the user the pleasure of smoking while minimizing the bodily harm.


About Philip Morris

Smoker or not, its hard to find an adult who have never heard of the cigarette called Marlboro, am I right? The brand that gave birth to such names is Phillip Morris. This is an international brand that has expanded its business to more than a dozen of countries. Although the company has been in the center of some major controversies, Phillip Morris stands tall to this day.

Among their many brands, the ones who are significant and gained more praise than ever are Marlboro, Benson & Hedges, IQOS heets Dubai (points for creativity) etc. To know more please visit their website here.


Different Flavors of Heat Sticks

As I have already told you, IQOS the device I mean requires heat sticks to be inserted for you to ‘smoke’ it. There are several different flavors of the heat sticks available in the market for grabs right as we speak. Let me walk you though some of those-

  • Marlboro Purple Menthol- Minty with a tinge of blueberry taste. Yum! Sounds great to me; I’m not sure about you, but I’d try it at least once.
  • Marlboro Menthol — I realize that some of you are die-hard menthol fans. If you’re one of them, you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity. It’s so strong that you’ll be able to feel the minty feeling all the way to the back of your throat!
  • Marlboro Tropical Menthol – A fruity taste with menthol freshness, of course. I’m not sure what it is about this one, but it doesn’t sit right with me.
  • Marlboro Smooth Regular – This one has a smooth taste profile with a hint of nicotinic flavor. Great flavor and incredible smoothness.

Not just these, there are a ton more flavors to choose from! Let me know which is your favorite.


IQOS Side Effect

Hmm, a tough debate. Well to tell you the truth, yes there are side effects of it like any nicotine filled product. Without a doubt the very best option here is to quit smoking anything regardless. However, the reality is different and us humans are complicated beings, which leads us to the discussion, are there any side effects of IQOS, yes there are. Just like cigarettes, they have some negative side effects.

Which includes lung damage, breathing issues etc. These effects vary from person to person also the intensity of the effects. But know that, if you are struggling to quit smoking, this next best thing for you to switch to IQOS. IQOS are not good for health by any means, don’t get me wrong, but they blow will be lesser.



At the end of the day, people are bound to their habits, so if you are trying to do justice by your body, I suggest you give IQOS a whirl. So, I hope I could elaborate on what is IQOS Philip Morris is and hopefully you see the benefits of at least switching to IQOS from regular cigarettes. But I do insist on this, smoking is injurious to health. With that being said, for a smoker it is better to stick with IQOS than smoking cigarettes. Do try the different flavors and let me know how do you like them.

And I will see you in the next one.

IQOS What is Inside? Lets See -

IQOS What is Inside? Lets See

IQOS What is Inside?


In a world where Corona exists, the virus I mean, protecting your lungs has become more important than ever. Don’t get me wrong, it indeed is one of your vital organs, but for some of us nicotine is a little harder to quit than others. For those who are willing to choose a safer and better way to get nicotine in the system, IQOS would be your safest bet. So, questions may arise like, what is IQOS? What’s inside IQOS, how does it work?

Sit tight and let me explain the whole process in simple sentences. And those of you who already know everything there is to know about IQOS, give me a shout out in your blogs, will ya?


What is IQOS?

You probably have heard of e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes), right? You can call IQOS a version of them. This is special device that is made for smoker to have a similar sensation of smoking without the harm. But wait, what would that mean? Can you just charge your IQOS and get smoking? Lol, Nah! That would be too good to be true. These devices need to be booted with Heat sticks. Those are the main juice to your IQOS device.

Food for thought – IQOS stands for ‘I Quit Ordinary Smoking’.

Heat sticks are nicotinic pouches. You put them in your IQOS device, turn them up and voila! So, you might wonder, if these devices are ultimately filled with nicotine, then how on earth would they be less harmful than your good old cigarette? Because Science! Lol. Let me explain.

When you lit up a cigarette, you are actually burning it, thus that reaches its combustion point. However, when you turn on an IQOS device Dubai, you are just heating up the heat stick and that creates a vapor which smells and tastes like the real thing. In your brain it’s the same but in effect and to your body its not, Science! Told you!

So, yeah, tomato tomato! It’s the same thing but your body will be able to tell the difference and save you a little bit of harm, bringing on a greater positive change in the long run. Don’t forget, the best option here is still not to smoke at all, but it is what it is! I get you pal.


What is Actually Inside the Device?


Well, the device itself consists many promising key ingredients like a rechargeable lithium-ion battery; a software controlled temperature control element; heat blades made out of gold, platinum and ceramic; last but not the least a heat stick which is the main portion of the whole concussion.

To give you the unboxing experience without dropping $150 to $200 on the device first (depends on your location) I can tell you that it comes with its own charging pod, and the actual IQOS device. Theres a USB port also for easy charging access on the charging pod. Also, a cleaning tool, you are supposed to use it to clean out your device, once every day for the best user experience. That’s pretty much it you guys, sorry to disappoint (?).

The box itself is pretty minimalistic. Oh, and in case if you are wondering, are they FDA approved? Yeah, somehow, they did get the approval seal by the FDA, pretty phenomenal if you ask me.


What Am I Smoking with This Device Again? Heat what?

Heat sticks. You will be smoking slash heating the heat sticks which are nicotinic pouches that comes in various different flavors, but mostly minty. That’s what my experience is with the heat sticks flavors to the least. To consumers, the name is marketed as HEET sticks, to sound cooler, I think.


What Are Heat Sticks? What’s Inside It?

On to the exciting part, what are these heat sticks, what is the shenanigan about? These sticks are a fancier version of your good old nicotine. First of all, a lot of tobacco leaves are collected and crushed up to make a powder of tobacco. Then they mix a liquid containing flavors of different kinds, and mix it up with the tobacco powder. After the initial mixing of powder and the flavor, a dough is formed with it and rolled out in thin sheets of dough.

After which they are dried again and crushed. At this stage they are dyed in different colors too and once again, the flavoring gets added in it. Lastly, they sheet gets cut into strip to be crumbled again and be given a shape of tobacco at its final stage. Ugh, that’s a long process!


Is IQOS Really That Different from Cigarettes?

My friend, I have been nothing but honest to you in each and every piece of my writing. So, I will give you the truth here. I really don’t know the exact answer, but I can help you raise some more questions regarding this, which is the Socrates way of questioning things. (The famous philosopher Socrates used to answer everything with a question which led people to think critically and objectively, which eventually led them into finding the answer to the initial question asked)

IQOS do not burn but heat the nicotine, which means there is still nicotine or tobacco in there. Also, it’s not like the added flavoring mask the sensation too much, if it did then there would be no point in such invention, would there? Heating and burning, the two events surely do create different consequences but to what extent does that matter? These are the question that you can answer to find out if they actually are all that different and harmless.


To sum it up, IQOS are the results of extensive research and development of several years. Scientists have come up with this revolutionary device to cater to our urges while minimizing the harm. This is in no shape or form a promotion of smoking, however, if you already are a smoker, this is a simple yet effective change you can make to minimize damage. So, my advice to you would be to definitely give them a whirl, and let me know how you like them in the comments below. Ciao!