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What IQOS is, and how is it different from a vape?


Smoking is dangerous for health, and anyone who smokes it will be best to quit tobacco and nicotine altogether. But the fact is that it is impossible to leave for a regular smoker. Around for centuries, people are taking cigarettes and nicotine in various ways. But recent technological innovations are IQOS and Vape,’s best Most popular shop in Iqos vape Dubai

But do you know what IQOS is, and how is it different from a vape?

As vape gets an even shadier rep of severe lung disease, in the middle of people’s health crisis surrounding vaping, a new product launch which is just hit the market, a safer alternative than vaping, is IQOS- heated tobacco products. Adults who want to continue using nicotine for them IQOS are better options available than continued smoking.

What is IQOS?

The IQOS is a heat-not-burn smoke-free electronic device Created by Big Tobacco giant Philip Morris International (PMI). Unlike regular cigarettes, IQOS Heets UAE Dubai heated tobacco products to produce an inhalable aerosol, rather than burns tobacco like traditional cigarettes, producing fewer toxins as a result. It does not use e-liquid like conventional vape devices. This long, pen-shaped device has approved by the FDA for sale in the United States.
IQOS, a heat-not-burn (HNB) tobacco product, is sometimes called tobacco heating, specially designed to heated tobacco units up to 300-350°C, without combustion, fire, ash, or smoke. Since there is no burning and offers a cigarette alternative, so it is much safer than smoking, delivering fewer toxicants than combusted tobacco.

What is Vape Device?

Usually, Vape devices are used for other purposes and generate much more vapor. The operation principle of vape relies on the evaporation of liquid, and its transformation into the vapor is inhaled. Vape devices contain no tobacco; instead, there are liquids with nicotine and zero nicotine, and the device evaporates the e-liquid.

How does IQOS “Tobacco Heating System (THS)” work?

IQOS “Tobacco Heating System (THS)” comes in two versions: one has three main parts, including a heated tobacco unit (called Heat Sticks or HEETS), a heating system holder, and a charger. And another version integrates these parts and without recharging the battery, allows uses up to 10 times.
In this pen-like IQOS Heets Dubai device, a user inserts the Heat Sticks into the holder, an electronically controlled heater containing processed tobacco. The consumer turn on the heater by pushes a button where temperatures up to 350 °C to produce the nicotine-infused vapor. When the heated tobacco unit is finished, the IQOS charger starts blinking, which means it is the end of the session. Then the consumer removed it from the holder and disposed of it in a waste bin.

Is IQOS Safe?

Based on Dr. Farsilinos’ findings, compared to cigarettes, IQOS is a lot safer. IQOS is not a cigarette. IQOS heats real tobacco at a much lower temperature of 350°C compared to cigarettes 800°C. This is enough to release the tobacco flavor and nicotine, but with 95% less harmful chemicals than cigarettes. Those smokers who try IQOS for seven days can completely switch from cigarettes.
Philip Morris claims, IQOS device is neither smoke nor vapor and significantly emits lower levels of toxicants than regular cigarettes. Instead of using an e-liquid, this heat-not-burn device systems burn tobacco leaf at high temperatures without ash, combustion, fire, and smoke. Then, the vaping-type chemicals turning nicotine into a vapor are significantly reduced harmful chemicals inhaled by users.

Philip Morris has also claimed in a story broadcast on National Public Radio that switching to IQOS significantly reduces the risk of disease compared to regular smoking. Still, IQOS can lead smokers to give up traditional cigarettes.
Moreover, the FDA also permitted Philip Morris’ IQOS Tobacco Heating System to go on the U.S. market. FDA says in its statement that, levels of cancer-causing chemicals found in cigarette smoke, including acrolein and formaldehyde, are lower in IQOS’ aerosol but who do not use tobacco products should continue not to.

The president of the American Vaping Association, Gregory Conley, said in a statement that, “This is a big win for public health and smokers who are seeking out satisfying reduced-risk alternatives. IQOS is not safer than traditional vaping products. But both products are far less hazardous than smoking cigarettes.”

So, IQOS is not smoke or vape, preferably it using real tobacco. Instead of liquid, it delivers a more familiar and satisfying taste experience. IQOS is considered to closely mimic the rituals of smoking with similar in-hand and in-mouth exposure and finite duration. Based on current scientific evidence, switching IQOS is a better choice than continuing to smoke, as it likely presents less risk to health.

But if you don’t smoke, don’t think about starting it. But if you are a smoker, the best thing you can do is quit all tobacco products to improve your health.

What are the main benefits of using IQOS?

Instead of smoking cigarettes, the main benefits of using IQOS are-
IQOS produces no ash, any smoke, or cigarette; slightly, it heats the tobacco instead of burning it.
IQOS does not produce any ash, which means that using IQOS leaves less lingering smells and no impact on indoor air quality and also on clothes, hair, and hands than smoking cigarettes.
IQOS produces fewer or lower levels of some toxins than regular cigarettes, so it helps smokers to quit smoking.
IQOS also leaves significantly less staining on curtains and furniture than cigarette smoke.
When switching to IQOS, a smoker can also save £1,000 per year.


Now IQOS is FDA approved and has been available in 53 countries around the world. Since there is no burning, IQOS has the potential to present 95% less risk of harmful chemicals and toxic chemicals than cigarette smoke. Those who are looking to quit smoking entirely instead of continuing to smoke, IQOS seems to be a safer alternative than vape. One essential thing to consider that both IQOS and Vape are generally contained nicotine, like cigarettes, and it is an addictive drug. So it does not mean that these products are risk-free, but it’s not the primary cause of smoking-related diseases.